Disclaimer Draft Protocols

This draft protocol is for peer review and discussion purposes only. It does not constitute or form the basis of, and should not be relied upon or used in connection with any diagnosis or treatment whatsoever.

Nothing contained in this draft protocol constitutes medical or other advice. This draft protocol does not, and does not purport to, contain all the information a person may need or require in reviewing or considering the draft protocol.

This draft protocol has not been peer reviewed and should not be used for any purpose other than discussion about the draft protocol. This draft protocol does not guarantee any specific outcome, result or benefit, has not been tested in a clinical setting, nor should it be treated as an approved standard of medical or therapeutic care. It should not be considered inclusive of all appropriate or possible approaches or treatments, or exclusive of others.

MJD Foundation Incorporated and its officers, employees and agents make no representations and gives no warranties, express or implied, in relation to this draft protocol or the accuracy, currency, reliability or completeness of any information in it, and accept no responsibility for the accuracy, currency, reliability or completeness of this draft protocolor the information contained in it. MJD Foundation Incorporated gives no warranty and makes no representation as to the merchantability or fitness for purpose of any information contained in this draft protocol.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, none of MJD Foundation Incorporated, its officers, employees or agents, nor any other person accepts any liability for any loss, claim, damages, costs or expenses of whatever nature (whether or not foreseeable) and howsoever caused, including, without limitation, any liability arising from fault or negligence on the part of any of them or any other person, for any loss arising from use of this draft protocol or its contents or otherwise arising in connection with it or any errors or omissions in it.

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