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Neurological Assessments

 Neurological Assessment 1

In April 2011, Geneticist Assoc. Prof. John MacMillan conducted 8 neurological assessments on MJD Foundation clients on Groote Eylandt and in Urapunga (near Ngukurr).

The tests were conducted using the scale for the assessment and rating of ataxia (SARA), an international clinical tool for measuring the severity of ataxia.

 Neurological Assessment 2

Up until now, there has been no Neurological medical service available to these individuals and the MJD Foundation has commenced this service because the assessments are important for health practitioners to understand their clients' current needs.

 Neurological Assessment 3

Regular re-testing (bi-yearly) will not only provide valuable data for the health practitioner, but also to the MJD Foundation's Medical Protocols Project.

The Medical Protocols Project is providing health practitioners advice on evidence-based interventions (including medications, physical therapies and appropriate support equipment) for each stage of the disease.

 Neurological Assessment 4The baseline assessments were filmed and the MJD Foundation is compiling a training DVD on how to conduct an assessment (to enable bi-yearly assessments), and a DVD to explain the various stages of the disease.
 Neurological Assessment 5Each of the clients (our film stars), and their health practitioners, receive a copy of their DVD.


Neurological Assessment 5An enormous thank you to Assoc Prof John MacMillan who donates his time to the MJD Foundation to enable this service to be provided.
Neurological Assessment 7