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Newman's Own Foundation grant will help MJD sufferers

Newmans Own FoundationThe Machado Joseph Disease (MJD) Foundation today welcomed the announcement by the Newman's Own Foundation of a USD $40,000 grant. The Newman's Own Foundation donates all profits to charity and the MJD Foundation are thrilled to be amongst a small group of Australian charities who have received funding this year.

The funding will be used for the continued support and rollout of the MJD Foundation's activities supporting Indigenous Australians with Machado Joseph Disease in the Northern Territory.

It is currently estimated that there are up to 500 people at risk of having Machado Joseph Disease, which is similar to Huntington's Disease, in the ‘Top End' alone. The fact that Machado Joseph Disease is a genetic disease, and is often passed on in a more aggressive form means that there are often several generations within the one family at the same time who are affected. This has a devastating effect on the entire family, so whilst there are up to 500 people ‘at risk'(*) of having the disease, by improving quality of life around issues such as better sleep, this improves the lives of the entire family and many more community members.

Chairperson Libby Massey says "Just one of the projects that will be supported with this grant is the Social and Emotional Wellbeing project. This project will investigate and implement strategies to support those in their teens and 20's who are facing the prospect of inheriting this disease like their mother or father has. They know only too well the completely debilitating impacts of the disease and what may lie ahead of them. The psychological impact is enormous and we are working to support them now and for years to come."

Newman's Own Foundation
For many years Paul Newman developed a reputation amongst family and friends as a salad dressing connoisseur. It became a thriving business, and Paul decided that all profits would be donated to charity. Since 1982, Paul Newman and Newman's Own Foundation have given over USD $280 million to charities worldwide with over $14million going to charities in Australia and New Zealand.

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