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Finished product

The finished product!

Natalya's Bedroom Blitz

August 3rd, 2010

With the support of the St George Foundation, 17 year old Natalya received a "bedroom blitz" including:

  • electric hospital bed
  • air conditioner
  • quilt set ("The Veronicas")
  • bed sheets/towels
  • TV/DVD player
  • beach wheelchair

The icing on the cake was painting her room, which according to Manager, Simone McGrath "looks like she is living inside a musk lolly packet".

As you can see from Natalya's face, she loves it!


The "Before" shot!

Thanks so much to the following people and organisations for their support:

  • St George Foundation for their financial support
  • Perkins for shipping the bed, wheelchair and TV to Groote
  • Kathy Massey for sourcing all the great "Veronica's" stuff
  • Arnhem Electrical Contractors for installing the airconditioner and the TV on the wall, finding such a great shade of pink paint and for helping with the painting (thanks Greg and Scott)
  • Simone and Jezabelle for the paint job
  • Norelle for letting us take over her home whilst the project was completed
  • Marjory and Bryan for help with the room




Simone and Kathy making the bed

Bed made

"The Veronica's" bed


Natalya seeing her room

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