MJD Foundation

Bladder Incontinence Research

RoyalRehabIn April 2010, the MJD Foundation Board approved the funding of a Masters project to be conducted to study Urinary Incontinence issues for individuals suffering from Machado Joseph Disease.

The particular aims of this project are to:
1. Explore the perspectives and experiences of Indigenous Australians living with urinary incontinence as a consequence of Machado Joseph Disease (MJD)
2. Determine the type of urinary incontinence experienced as a consequence of MJD in North East Arnhem Land

MJDF Director, Research and Community Services, Libby Massey says "We are very excited about this project because like our Sleep Studies, our MJD families in Arnhem Land will benefit, but there will be far reaching benefits possible internationally for all people with MJD".

The project will be performed by Erika Schlemmer under the supervision of Julie Pryor through the Royal Rehabilitation Centre in Sydney.