MJD Foundation

MJD Genetic Booklet

On 21st March 2010, the MJD Foundation completed our first translated version of our MJD Genetic Booklet.  We plan to translate this booklet into all Indigenous language groups where MJD is prevalent in Australia.

The booklet explains how DNA works in the body and how inheritance works.  It explains how MJD is passed down from parent to child.

We cannot thank Caroline Wurramara enough for the hard work she has put into translating this booklet into Anindilyakwa.  Anindilyakwa is the language spoken by the Warnindilyakwa people of the Groote Eylandt archipelago.

 MJD Genetic Book - EnglishDownload the booklet in English here
 MJD Genetic Book - AnindilyakwaDownload the booklet in Anindilyakwa here

Thanks to Christine Smith from Blak Kiss Media for doing the original design for the English book.

Thanks to Kayl Miller from Snap Printing Kingsgrove for doing the Anindilyakwa text replacement and the final design/printing.