MJD Foundation


The MJD Foundation purchases equipment that is not available to an individual or community group directly through the government or other non-government organisations.

The MJD Foundation allocates equipment equitably among MJD clients and community care facilities.

Below is some of the equipment that we have purchased.

Jane's new bed
November 2008- Electric Beds

In November 2008, we delivered our first round of equipment to MJD clients including four electric hospital beds with side rails.

It's harder than you can imagine to purchase, ship and install equipment to remote Bickerton Island.  Thanks to Perkins Shipping for their ongoing support in shipping items free of charge from Darwin, thanks to our supplier Keep Moving who discounted the shipment price into Darwin and got the items to the Perkins barge in Darwin for us.  Thanks also to the East Arnhem Shire mob on Bickerton Island for installing Jane's bed at her house.  

Portable Ramp

December 2008 - Portable Ramps

The arrival of two portable ramps now mean that there is more flexibility in the community to where the need is greatest.

November 2009 - Portable Ramps

The delivery of two portable ramps to Papunya in Central Australia have enabled access to a house for a women with MJD whilst she is waiting for more appropriate disability access accommodation.

 Beach Wheelchair

January 2009 - Beach Wheelchairs

We purchased two (2) Beach Wheelchairs.  One for Angurugu (Groote Eylandt) and one for Milyakburra (Bickerton Island).
The wet season is a welcome relief from intense year round heat, but if you are disabled, that rain on the unsealed roads makes a wheelchair trip to the local shop unfathomably difficult. 

Little Wedge RampsMarch 2009 - Custom Wedge Ramps

Many existing houses are shaped so that a standard ramp will not fit, so the MJD Foundation has custom built some little wedge ramps to fit these circumstances.  Thanks to Chris Lloyd and Steve Rix who volunteered their time to make these.
 Stowaway Wheelchair

April 2009  - Stowaway portable wheelchairs

One of the complexities for disabled people living in remote communities is being able to move in and out of their community on light aircraft.  Often their wheelchair simply will not fit into the aircraft.  The MJD Foundation have purchased 3 portable wheelchairs for this purpose.  They weigh only 9kg, and they fold up.

Click here to see it fold away

Glow in the Dark strips for stairs Glow in the Dark adhesive strips

August 2009  - Glow in the Dark Products

The MJD Foundation is trialling some Glow in the Dark products for those sufferers of MJD with early symptoms.
In particular, we are trialing stair strips and adhesive tape.

Shipping Container

November 2009  - Shipping Container

The MJD Foundation purchased a shipping container for Groote Eylandt as a facility to share with the NT Dept of Health and Families to be able to store commonly used disability equipment to cut down on waiting times for people within the community.  The container has been a great success.

Aircraft Wheelchair Lift

June 2010 - Aircraft Wheelchair Lifts

The MJD Foundation launched the Aircraft Wheelchair Lift project.  With the support of the Federal Government, Perkins Shipping, Vincent Aviation, Toll, Gilbert + Tobin and the Shanley family, this successful project will see one lift at Darwin airport and the other at Groote Eylandt.


Wheelchair Scales

July 2010  - Wheelchair Scales

The MJD Foundation purchases a set of wheelchair scales for the Angurugu Health Clinic on Groote Eylandt thanks to the support of a wonderful supporter in New Zealand.

Jock with his Electric Wheelchair

May 2011 - Jock's Electric Wheelchair

The MJD Foundation purchased an electric wheelchair for Jock who moved into residential care in Darwin in May 2011.

Columbia Bath Chair

June 2011 - Bath Chair

The MJD Foundation purchased a Columbia Adult Bath Chair for use at the Angurugu Flexible Aged Care Facility on Groote Eylandt.