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Boys Adventure - First MJD Foundation Trip


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Frederick Day 1 VincentBryan and Frederick

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Join us in sharing this beautiful man's Road Adventure from Darwin to Brisbane.

What's happening?:
Today, the MJD Foundation kicked off its first respite trip for sufferers of MJD.  The purpose of these trips are to give carers a well deserved rest, and most importantly, the purpose is to choose a trip that will be the experience of a lifetime for our MJD sufferers.
This man thinks that he's going to Darwin with Cameron for the weekend, but in actual fact we have planned an enormous surprise. Bryan Massey who has recently retired and moved from Groote to Brisbane after 38 years has flown up to Darwin and will take him on a Road Adventure from Darwin to Brisbane.

They don't know it, but we are running our very own MJD Foundation award for best Disability Access Accommodation between Darwin and Brisbane. As of Sunday afternoon 9th, Elderado Motor Inn, Tenant Creek is looking pretty good.
Silo Motor Inn in Biloela is also a contender.


Frederick Smiling
Waving goodbye 




Vincent Pilots


Road Adventure Map









Friday 7th November - Groote to Darwin
They left Groote Eylandt this morning flying with our sponsor Vincent Aviation to Darwin.  Look at the smile on his face!  And at this stage he only thinks he is going to the movies in Darwin!

The staff from Angurugu Aged and Disability Care Facility know the big surprise.

8:02pm - Well, Bryan made the surprise arrival at Darwin Airport.  Apparently he could not believe it.  When he saw Bryan, he was amazed, and then could not wipe the smile off his face when he heard he was going on a road trip.  He asked if he was going to Broome, and when Bryan said it was Brisbane, there were many questions about seeing Craig and his new baby.  Bryan asked him if he can swim, and that he might be going for a swim, so there are more surprises to come.


Frederick's Surprise when he sees Bryan

 Frederick with Bryan and his Mum

Here he is arriving at Darwin Airport.  He's so happy to see Bryan and having his Mum come out to meet him was a surprise too.

Saying Goodbye at DarwinMeeting the locals

Lets Hit the Road

Saturday 8th November - Darwin to Katherine
Well, apparently the boys are off to Katherine today where they will visit Katherine Gorge. But first they went to Nungalinya to say goodbye to all his Aunts and Mother. They were all so excited for him.  A highlight was when they went to say goodbye at Nungalinya College, his mum Caroline and his aunties all stood around the car and prayed for safety and a good time, they also told Bryan he is too fat now!

They are also paying a visit to Greg who used to be the Council CEO at Angurugu, and he is very fond of him.

10:23pm - The boys have been enjoying all the animals on the way down and loves the stops at the Servos to check out all the goodies.  Both of them are tired, but having fun.  Kathy predicts that when they arrive in Brisbane they will be happy and exhausted.

Thanks to Margaret's daughter Selena, who took two Katherine caps down to the motel.

Ive been to Katherine


The start of the Cap collection.

 Rest StopStill a long long way to go

Sunday 9th November - Katherine to Tennant Creek
6:00pm: from Kathy Massey (Bryan's wife)
"I have just spoken to Bryan and he reports all is well, in his words Frederick looks a bit ‘buggered' this avo. He has been having an absolutely wonderful time just seeing different scenery and people. They stopped at Mataranka for lunch and people - other travellers - came up to talk.

They arrived in Tennant Creek around 4pm our time.
Took a short trip around town but the highlight seems to be the disability accessed specific rooms in the different places. 
Dad is trying to get caps and T shirts when he can.  Fred, like his dad before him collects t shirts and if we ever go away he expects us to bring him one back with the place name of where we have been on it, he has quite a collection already.

All in all Bryan is going ok. I think love conquers all when these two men are together and what some of us would see as a chore, Bryan sees as an act of loving kindness and definitely not a job. He is a fantastic carer and a very patient man."


Posted Comments:

  • "Fredrick and Bryan left early this morning. Wish them all the best on their adventure". Jason & Jessica Newman, Eldorado Motor Inn.
  • "I love these Roadtrip postings".  Jenny Baird, Board Member
  • "Great to watch the boys on their trip, thanks for making that possible". Jenni Langrell, Angurugu Clinic
 I WAS HEREMore Caps and T-Shirts

Monday 10th November - Tennant Creek to Mt Isa
6:20pm - The boys arrived in Mount Isa at around 3pm Queensland time. In all the rush to get away they both forgot to pack some music so they've been CD shopping this afternoon.  It could be interesting - Bryan with his love songs and Slim Dusty, and Frederick with his modern pop/rap songs.  They have also been doing the usual shopping for T shirts and caps.

This morning, they had breakfast at the Three Ways just outside Tennant Creek. They passed Barkley homestead and had a short stop to buy a drink. They saw some very large mining machinery along the road, fortunately it was at a truck stop but it was huge equipment.
On to Cammoweal and after fueling the car took some photos near the clock which tells travellers to change to Queensland time.

Both looking forward to some KFC for tea and a good rest. Tuesday could be an interesting day going to Longreach and visiting the Stockmans Hall of Fame.


Posted Comments:

  • "Say a big hello and a big kiss to Frederick when he gets to Brissy for me"  Amanda McKenna - Adelaide Institute of Sleep Health 
  • "Hey Dad! if you make Frederick listen to even ONE Roger Whittaker song I promise all of your offspring will have their revenge... on his behalf!! Dicka Dick.... BE STRONG!! those country songs are usually short!! Love you both Lib xxx"
  • "Go fellas! Wish I was there! Sounds awesome! browndog"
  • "Hello to Bryan and Frederick, how is the music going? Don't let the love songs take over Fred, miss you both, I am off to Groote tomorrow for a few days so will say hello to all the family. Keep smiling and watch out for more surprises Frederick. Love to you both, Kathy"
  • "Have a great trip... See you soon!! Nellie and Ross"

 Still a long way to go

Tuesday 11th November - Mt Isa to Longreach
8:00pm - Bryan just rang from Longreach.  They arrived there at 5pm qld time. The weather has been very hot.

Today they saw a very big kangaroo dead on the road. They also stopped at the pub which featured in the crocodile dundee movie. It is outside Cloncurry.

Frederick has been winning with the music. Tomorrow they will visit the stockmans hall of fame before heading off to Emerald. They hope to visit some relatives of Kathy's and Bryan's in Biloela and Monto on tTursday. The Eldarado Motor Inn is still ahead on the disability access competition.

Bryan says it's the little things that excite Frederick like big trucks, donkeys, caravans and kangaroos.

That's all from me.  Kathy


Posted Comments:

  • "What a great trip you are on!! Have fun and stay well Bryan & Frederick. Hi Kathy, Lib & all the family and friends. Love always, Pam & Ken xx"
  • "Dad with Fredrick in a Ford - he must just about be in heaven!!!  Safe and happy travels you two! Try not to have toooooo much fun." Michelle Massey
  • "Hi Frederick, I heard about your exciting adventure from Jenni at the clinic. It sounds fantastic, have a great time. Brian you are truly a wonderful human being. And thank goodness for all the wonderful people involved in the MJD foundation that can make such a wonderful experience happen. Happy travelling". Charmaine Gilmore


 Qantas LongreachQantas MuseumWednesday 12th November - Longreach to Emerald
Bryan rang to say they have arrived safely in Emerald after a good trip. Highlights of the day were visits to the Longreach Hall of Fame where Frederick enjoyed looking at the Aboriginal Stockmens exhibit as well as many other interesting displays. Bryan says that they could have spent a lot longer there. They went onto to visit the Qantas plane and display of the early Qantas memrobilia. Frederick was amazed at the sight of a big aeroplane immobilized in a paddock without an airstrip!

There were some interesting times along the way when Frederick became a bit emotional about all the roadkill on the sides of the road between Longreach and Emerald he was wanting Bryan to stop to make sure there were no baby yiburada's ( wallabies) in the pouches of the dead animals.

The collection of T shirts and caps is growing, Frederick will be the best dressed guy on the road...

They have lots of photos but we are having trouble getting them to Nadia to put on the site. Bryan will try on Friday when he visits some of his relatives in Monto.

Posted Comments:

  • "Hi Boys!! Hello from all the health staff at Angurugu, hope your'e both having a great time! Wish you both all the best and suggest matching tattoo's when you reach the coast??" Tisha MacInnes & Greg Kolo
  • "We've just seen Libby & Kathy and heard how much fun you and Bryan are having. I know you are enjoying yourself and we (at the Angurugu Clinic) all look forward to to returning home with some extra stories. Keep smiling." Val
 LunchThursday 13th November - Emerald to Biloela (via Rockhampton)
Today's update is to say they had a good trip to Biloela via Rockhampton where they sorted out the camera and went over the Mount Morgan mountain range. They also saw some more gigantic mining machinery which made the ones the other day look small but no memory in the camera to take photos of them.

They are both going to look like KFC chooks when they get to Brisbane they have eaten so much along the way.........Frederick always has some brought back from Darwin by anyone who will oblige.
Everyone on Groote is following the trip quite closely and family are all very excited.
Tomorrow they will see more family and they are both looking forward to getting to Brisbane and seeing more exciting things.

Friday 14th November - Biloela to Brisbane via Monto
Well, the boys are safe and in Brisbane resting. 

Today the boys travelled from Biloela to Brisbane via Monto, the town Bryan and Kathy married in. They met up with lots of Bryan and Kathy's extended family and were well fed and watered.. They arrived in Brisbane at around 4pm EST, and called in to visit Craig Massey and Kylie and the girls and then on to the Morgan's.

Frederick has enjoyed the drive, but the country parts were far more peaceful than the city end!

Now Frederick is keen to visit the Gold Coast, and enjoy the theme parks and the movies and some shopping...  But they get to rest for a day or two.

Posted Comments:

"Loving the travel up-dates! great to see you both arrived safely... Fredrick enjoy yr time in Brissie. Ange"

 It might be raining, but Frederick doesn't careBryan, Frederick, and Libby's big boys

Monday 17th November - SEAWORLD
It might have been absolutely pouring with rain, but that was not going to stop Frederick from swimming with the Dolphins.  One of the highlights of the trip was a day at Seaworld. 

No description needed, just pure happinessA big kiss

No description needed here.  Pure happiness!

Tuesday 18th November - out and about around Brisbane

Fredrick spent time with Craig Massey (Bryan and Kathy's son) and his little family too.  His daughter Summer even learnt to say "Dickie" and that thrilled Frederick.

Wednesday 19th November - out and about around Brisbane
More visiting, and a fair bit of relaxing today. Frederick spent time with Libby Morgan's kids just lounging around.
Thursday 20th November - Flying to Darwin
The Qantas public relations folk at Brisbane airport were excellent, treated Frederick like a king and we had a special needs man (another Brian) look after him especially well.  Thanks to Brian from QANTAS who checked Frederick in, sent us through a special gate at security and took Frederick upstairs then took him and Bryan onto the plane.  It was done with such dignity and was such a positive experience for those of us with him.
Disability Access AwardThe MJD Foundation "Disability Access Accommodation Award" for the 2008 best accommodation between Darwin and Brisbane has jointly been awarded to Elderado Motor Inn, Tenant Creek and Silo Motor Inn , Biloela.  Congratulatons to both.

Friday 21st November - back to Groote after a great trip
And here our Adventure ends.  Frederick arrived safely back on Groote Eylandt today.

From Kathy: "I think Frederick's life has been enriched and it will be an experience he will remember for a long time. What a terrific example of the MJD Foundation's aim of improving quality of life".