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News - Aisle Wheelchair launch

Aisle Wheelchair launch 1

On 20th March 2015, the MJD Foundation celebrated the arrival of our new aisle wheelchairs (imported from Spain), along with representatives from AirnorthDarwin International Airport Corporate Giving CommitteeMenzies AviationABR AviationAnglicare NTand the Federal Government.

The ability for people with a physical disability (and in particular wheelchair users) to travel safely and with dignity is a passion of the MJDF.  Many of our clients come from remote communities - especially Groote Eylandt and Elcho Island.

Aisle Wheelchair launch 2

In 2010, the MJDF purchased our first Disability Passenger Lifts (DPLs) from Airport Maintenance in Tasmania thanks to funding from the Federal Government.  And then in 2012, we purchased another DPL.  These DPLs reside in Darwin, Groote Eylandt and Elcho Island.  The size of the aircraft means the current aisle wheelchair only just fits in the door.

The MJDF has been continuing to look for ways to make incremental improvements, to improve the safety of both the wheelchair using passenger and their escort.

Aisle Wheelchair launch 3

These brand new aisle wheelchairs (imported from Spain) are shorter and narrower and allow the aisle wheelchair to move down the aircraft aisle for a simpler transfer into the aircraft seat.

This project is a great example of collaboration between multiple organisations:

Thanks to Airnorth for partnering with the MJDF to make this project happen and for their ongoing patience as we trial new products and procedures

Aisle Wheelchair launch 4

Thanks to the Darwin International Airport Corporate Giving Committee for funding the cost of these new aisle chairs, and to BHP Billiton who funded the freight from Spain (which was as much as the chairs!)

Thanks to Toll Marine Logistics for taking an aisle chair to Elcho Island on the barge at no cost to us.

And to Menzies Aviation and ABR Aviation who have supported us through this process, and ABR Aviation have kindly offered to sponsor us by maintaining the Darwin DPL

Aisle Wheelchair launch 5

We enjoyed a cuppa, some nibblies and then got stuck into trying out the new aisle wheelchair, and talking through the procedures around its use.

Photos: David Hancock Photography

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