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Wheelchair Prescription Workshop

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Motivation Australia / MJD Foundation Wheelchair Prescription Workshop - July 21 - 23 2014

Funded by the Commonwealth Government, the MJD Foundation and Motivation Australia ran a 3 day Wheelchair Prescription workshop. The workshop addressed a critically important need - how to prescribe a wheelchair for people with Machado Joseph Disease.

There were practical sessions with MJD clients throughout and topics covered:

The MJD Foundation's Director of Research and Community Services, Libby Massey said "our clients were extremely brave in allowing 16 health professionals to practice these new wheelchair prescription skills on them. I am very proud of them."

"Many health professionals do not appreciate the complexity of prescribing a wheelchair and the difference in getting this right or wrong makes a significant impact on quality of life", she said.

Participant feedback was exceptionally positive with one senior NTG therapist saying "Best workshop ever! I have been talking about it and will give feedback to my team".

16 health professionals from NT and Qld attended the workshop at Tracy Village Social and Sports Club.

W/C workshop - JoyceW/C workshop - AlisonW/C workshop - StephW/C workshop - Kaitleen

Therapists practice assessment skills on MJD clients - Joyce, Alison, Stephanie, and Kaitleen