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Santa25 Dec 12 - Santa Goes to Groote =>More
Centrecorp Foundation04 Dec 12 - MJDF receives further Centrecorp funding for Central Australia=>More
National Disability Awards03 Dec 12 - MJDF finalist in 2012 National Disability Awards =>More
Janine Ryan01 Dec 12 - Welcome to new staff member Janine Ryan - Genealogist =>More
Newmans Own Foundation01 Nov 12 - Newman's Own Foundation provide $50,000 =>More
Womens Camp16 Oct 12 - First MJDF Women's Camp held on Groote Eylandt =>More
A Guide to Living with MJD15 Oct 12 - First publication of "Living with Machado Joseph Disease - A Guide for all Australians" =>Download
Alyangula Cycling Club16 Sep 12 - Alyangula Cycling Club raise money for MJDF =>More
ALW Rose10 Sep 12 - Promoting Lifelong Learning - Adult learners' week =>More
Medical Protocols01 Aug 12 - 'Communication Difficulty' and 'Nutrition' medical protocols are now available for peer review =>More
The Australian16 Jun 12 - The Australian "When Grief is a Family Legacy" 
Wheelchair workshop01 Jun 12 - Wheelchair Prescription Workshop =>More
Medical Protocols11 May 12 - 'Swallowing Difficulty' Medical Protocol is now available for peer review=>More
Indigenous Health Awards28 Mar 12 - MJD Foundation are RUNNERS UP in the 2012 National Excellence in Indigenous Health awards =>More
DNA Haplotyping Paper20 Feb 12 - Research Paper "Mutational Origin of Machado Joseph Disease in the Australian Aboriginal Communities of Groote Eylandt and Yirrkala=>Download
BYB Team15 Feb 12 - Backyard Blitz on Groote Eylandt =>More
Elcho Lift15 Feb 12 - Elcho Island Aircraft Wheelchair Lift launch =>More 
Hip Hop31 Jan 12 - Kids Makin' Beats Hip Hop=>More
Annual Report26 Jan 12 - 2010-2011 Annual Report is now available 
=> Download