MJD Foundation

Womens Camp

Women Unite to Build Strength in Living with MJD

16th October 2012

Womens CampGroote Eylandt Aboriginal women worked alongside carers, medical professionals and medical researchers last week in the first Women's Camp to be held by the MJD Foundation.

The camp, held at the Dugong Beach Resort on Groote Eylandt, demonstrated that through strong collaboration, talking listening and learning, women can feel less isolated and feel supported as they live with Machado Joseph Disease.

Stories were shared by those women with the disease, those caring for loved ones with the disease and those who know they are at risk of having the disease.

MJD Foundation Vice Chairperson, Gayangwa Lalara said "Many years ago I never talked about this disease, this MJD.I was too sad and angry and I did not understand it.Now we can talk about it and both black and white are working together.The camp was hard because we talked openly and cried a lot, but we cried together and we feel stronger now".

MJD Foundation Executive Officer, Nadia Lindop said "The camp was possible through the support of the Federal Government, as well as the Dugong Beach Resort, the Anindilyakwa Land Council, Vincent Aviation and Toll Marine Logistics.The camp was very successful and from the MJD Foundation's perspective, we were also able to listen to what the women see as a priority for the work we are to do over the next 5 years."

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