MJD Foundation

News Item - Board Members Appointed - 10th June 2008

The first formal Board meeting was conducted on June 10th 2008, with the following positions being appointed.

MJD Foundation Board








Back: Libby Massey (Morgan), Jenny Baird, Nadia Lindop, Gayangwa Lalara, Kathy Massey
Front: Tony Wurramarrba, Prof Garth Nicholson
Absent: Neil Westbury

Board Executive
Chairperson - Libby Massey (Morgan)
Vice-Chairperson - Gayangwa Lalara
Treasurer - Nadia Lindop
Secretary - Kathy Massey
ALC Representative - Tony Wurramarrba

Other Board Members
Medical Advisor - Prof Garth Nicholson
Family Representative - Jenny Baird
Policy Advisor - Neil Westbury

Staff Positions ratified
Executive Officer - Nadia Lindop

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