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Zebrafish Research

Lab Tour

Dr Angela Laird explains the project to the MJD Foundation tour participants

In 2009, the Anindilaykwa Land Council of Groote Eylandt donated $1,000,000 to the MJD Foundation to establish a research fund.  An appointed Research Advisory Committee manages this fund and advises the MJDF Board where the funding is best directed to have a positive impact on the lives of Groote Eylandters living with MJD.

In 2010, the MJD Foundation awarded a research grant to the Anzac Institute (University of Sydney) to conduct research into a potential treatment for Machado Joseph Disease using Zebrafish.

The details of this project are not yet available for publication.

 Lab Tour

The tour group - Boyenia, Kathy, Gayangwa, Bryan

The Anzac Institute appointed Dr Angela Laird to lead the project reporting to Professor Garth Nicholson. Dr Angela Laird returned home to Australia in 2010 after working in Europe where she used Zebrafish to model other forms of neurodegenerative diseases.

In July 2011, the MJD Foundation brought some Groote Eylandters to Sydney for a tour of the laboratory which is housed at the Brain and Mind Institute. Groote Eylandter and MJD Foundation Vice-Chairperson Gayangwa Lalara said "The lab was very interesting and Angela explained things well to me. I understand more now about the work she is doing and I feel proud that we are part of this research".

Lab Tour

Gayangwa Lalara observing the Zebrafish

Lab Tour

Gayangwa Lalara viewing the Zebrafish embryos