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Darwin Workshop  Groote Workshop  Groote WorkshopThe MJD Foundation kicked of its Carer Education Program in May 2011. The program targets residential & respite care workers as

well as family carers all of whom are looking after people with Machado Joseph Disease.

The objectives of the program are to:
1. Provide practical education around caring with someone with MJD.
2. Build empathy, confidence and resiliance in the person caring for people with MJD
3. Build a support network for people caring for individuals with MJD.

The program is lead by Roslyn Kempton and Libby Massey from the MJD Foundation.

To date, the workshops have included:
- May 2011 - Darwin residential & respite care workers
- July 2011 - Groote Eylandt care workers including Elcho Island staff who flew over for the workshop
- Sept 2011 - Darwin follow up sessions
- Sept 2011 - Groote Eyland family carer workshops

Sue Dykstra from Anglicare NT said:  "...[The] workshop training has been fantastic. It's empowering in terms of people understanding the issues our clients [with MJD] face and then feeling more equipt to deal with those issues or help our clients deal with those issues."

"We now know who the right people are to talk to if there is a problem. Today we realised that the empowerment is just the beginning. The workshops, the closer relationship with MJDF and bringing in specific individual clients and thinking about them to begin apply[ing] [what we have learnt] has been pretty powerful... [With other organisations delivering services to MJD clients] we can explore new avenues for getting together [to support each other]. That's why this is just the beginning. [We] feel linked into a big group. It is the beginning of something powerful, a joint undertaking if you like."

One of the highlights to date was the workshop in July which brought care workers from Elcho Island and Groote Eylandt together to give them greater knowledge, skills and confidence in caring for individuals with Machado Joseph Disease.Two charters of Elcho Island care workers from the Galiwin'ku Care Facility flew to Groote Eylandt to work with care workers from Angurugu Flexible
Aged Care and Umbakumba Aged Care.The 26 carers represented Warnindilyaka, Yolngu and non-Indigenous workers.

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