MJD Foundation

Welcome Joyce Lalara

Joyce and SimoneThe newest member of the MJD Foundation team is Community Worker Joyce Lalara.

Many of Joyce's family members are affected by Machado Joseph Disease (MJD),
and Joyce is very committed to working to help support people with MJD on Groote Eylandt and Bickerton Island.

As a Community Worker, Joyce will work closely with Gayangwa Lalara and Simone McGrath to help with the important work of the MJD Foundation. Some of the things Joyce will do in her role are:
- provide translation for families to understand research and medical concepts
- go with Simone to visit families and work with families to help those with MJD
- support the MJD Therapy program by helping with hydrotherapy and other activities
- work closely with researchers who visit Groote Eylandt and Bickerton Island
- work with Gayangwa Lalara to provide cultural advice to other members of the MJD Foundation team

Simone McGrath from the MJD Foundation said "It is great to have Joyce onboard. She is brilliant and always makes herself available to help me. Without people like Joyce and Gayangwa we would not be able to do our work".