MJD Foundation

Coca Cola Australia Foundation Grant

Coca Cola Australia Foundation July 2009

The MJD Foundation has been awarded a Coca Cola Australia Foundation grant that will be used for our project "Young Men's Camp" as the first step in our Youth Camp program.

Conducting Youth Camps will enable the MJD Foundation to gather information about the specific needs of the young men and women who attend. We will gain an understanding of their fears, their hopes, their desires, their need for access to information, services and support. This information will directly impact the MJD Foundation's activities at a strategic level for the future. At present this cohort has been under-represented in the MJD Foundation's activities as we have been addressing the immediate and urgent needs for those in the advanced stages of the disease, and in particular where there are gaps in the current government services.

The goals of the program are:
• Education:
o To provide an opportunity for the target group to meet together in an appropriate location and share their experiences and pinpoint their educational needs. This information will be collated by the MJD Foundation and fed back to the appropriate service providers.
o To provide appropriate counseling and mentor support through group and individual sessions with culturally and professionally appropriate persons, elders, psychologists, therapists and nutritionists.
• Wellbeing
o To provide an opportunity for the target group to experience a range of physical activities that will not be possible for them after their disease progresses.
o To model and provide optimal nutrition and exercise programs that may be implemented in their home lives upon their return.
• Leadership
o To provide an opportunity for young men and women who are at risk or have early stages of MJD to be prepared for leadership positions within their families, their community and within the MJD Foundation. To have Indigenous Australians to be able to lead and advocate on behalf of sufferers is essential to our approach within the MJD Foundation which is one of 100% collaboration.

Our first camp "Young Men's Camp" will be in November 2009.