MJD Foundation

Indigenous Health Awards 2012

Indigenous Health Awards

The MJD Foundation was named "Runner Up" in the National Excellence in Indigenous Health Awards announced at a Gala dinner in Sydney on 28th March 2012.  The division was Improving access to primary health care.

This program called "Closing the Gap on MJD Genetic Knowledge" is increasing the Machado Joseph Disease genetic knowledge of the medical profession in the NT, as well as with clients, their families and the community through the use of common terminology and culturally appropriate education and genetic counselling.

Barb Flick and Nadia Lindop


The MJD Foundation runs MJD Genetic roadshows which improve the knowledge of primary healthcare professionals along with providing them with the tools to provide improved primary health care services.

In particular, enormous thanks go to Associate Professor John MacMillan who donates all his
professional development time to the MJD Foundation to enable this program to happen. 

John MacMillanAssociate Professor John MacMillan conducting a Genetic Education session on Groote Eylandt.